Mecca Al Mukkaramah
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1 Day


Follow the Sunna and let our team of religious guides help and guide you perform accurately all the Umrah phases as done by the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), while explaining in details the values and significance of each phase.

  • 09:50
    اللقاء في مدينة جدة او في مكة المكرمة
  • 10:00
    التوجه الى المسجد الحرام
  • 11:00
    الوصول إلى المسجد الحرام لأداء مناسك العمرة مع المرشدين المعتمدين (المطوف)
  • 17:30
    نهاية مناسك العمرة
  • 18:30
    العودة لمكان الانطلاق
  • 19:00
    نهاية البرنامج

    • Transportation as mentioned
    • English speaking tour leader(Motawwef)

    • Accommodation
    • Meals
    • Flights or any other mean of transportation to the city

    • Umrah clothing (Ihram)

    • Further terms and conditions apply please revert to your confirmation sheet upon booking
    • Tour can be customized and joined with other cities and other activites