Adventure Tours

Desert Dunes Adventure Tour - 2 Days / 1 Night

Enjoy the charm of the desert dunes, camp below the shining stars, hike the Aja Mountain and release your adventurous spirit on the golden sands for a deep safari into Alnofood Al Kabeer located between the 2 historical cities of Hail and Aljouf.

1857 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax

Riyadh Adventure Tour - 1 Day

This tour is also part of Hail Region, located in the center and considered one of the most Historical cities in the Kingdom, unlike other tours focusing only on Human History here you will discover also Hail’s natural beauty and diversity.

494 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax

Adventure Western to Central - 7 Days / 6 Nigths

This is a mix between adventure and culture. We start with Jeddah Historical city and continue north towards the White Volcano area and hike the lava field, resume after to reach Alula and discover the ancient carvings and historical sites of Hegra and head back to conclude in Riyadh for a historical tour of the city.

7067 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax

Empty Quarter Safari - 3 Days / 2 Nigths

Release your love and respect to one of the largest deserts on the planets, it is an empty land of dunes for you to explore. Unravel the undiscovered land and set yourself to the adventure of your lifetime. Cruise with our team of professional guides and desert adventure experts all through more than 500 Km of the Empty lands and touch the sun while it sets.

3500 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax

Sea Excursion - 1 Day

Your visit to Saudi will not be complete if you don’t add a little of Red Sea discoveries and explore the underwater wonders. We offer you in this trip a snorkeling activity in the most interesting areas of the Red Sea shores where it is best organized in the 2 major cities of Jeddah or Tabuk where most of the wonders and Coral reefs beauties are located.

750 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax

Najd Adventure Tour - 8 Days / 7 Nigths

For the adventure and culture lovers this trip starts from Riyadh with visits to all historical sites and ruins and an adventure at the Edge of the world are in the middle of the desert, to move after to Qassim and visit the traditional city and palm plantations, then continue towards Hail city for a Unesco heritage site visit and mountain hiking.

6346 SAR Per person sharing - exc. tax